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Volunteering Opportunities at CedarNet

CedarNet is growing, and we could always use more people to donate their time. Our Office Manager is also our Volunteer Coordinator, so drop by and fill out an application, or call the office (233-5765) if you are interested in volunteering. There is no need to be a computer expert, many of the needs we fulfill are rather low tech, and we can teach you the basics you will need to help. Here is a list of the committees for which you might volunteer and some of the duties they perform for us:

Office email Office Manager - Rob Huffman
Duties include: filing, answering the phone, sending out routine office communications, subbing for office manager when needed

  • active office volunteers may receive free dial-in services
  • tasks and times to be determined by Office Manager

Operations email 2003/2004 Chairperson - Daniel Laurie
Duties include: maintaining, designing and troubleshooting CedarNet systems

  • active operations volunteers may receive free dial-in and full access to the servers
  • tasks to be determined by operations (open) mailing list and tracked by chairperson using emails to SDO (closed) list

HTML email 2003/2004 Chairperson - Julie LeRoy
Duties include: create and maintain CedarNet webpages and non-profit webpages, help CedarNet members and clients with webpage related issues, and monitor links and content of assigned areas to ensure they are current and appropriate

  • active HTML volunteers may receive free dial-in, FTP privileges and personal webspace
  • HTML volunteers need to keep their assigned areas updated, checking on a bimonthly basis
  • tasks to be determined by chairperson, assigned areas or by concerns posted to webmaster email list
  • chairperson will spot check URLs to determine accuracy of contribution

Helpdesk email 2003/2004 Chairperson - Daniel Laurie
Duties include: troubleshoot Internet/computer related concerns of CedarNet members over the phone, email or in person, refer members to professionals when necessary

  • active helpdesk volunteers may qualify for free dial-in services and personal webspace
  • tasks to be determined by concerns posted to helpdesk email list
  • volunteer will post all corrective action/advice and time spent back to list
    (including details of onsite help)

Education email 2003/2004 Chairperson - Bill Sharpe
Duties include: conducting "Get to know the Internet" classes every third Sat, maintain, troubleshoot and keep records of CAP sites, and conduct semi-annual service visits to each CAP site

  • active education volunteers may receive free 2hr dial-in services
  • tasks to be determined by chairperson or CAPsite coordinator

CedarNet is looking for your organization's webpage to be hosted or linked with us.

Last updated 21-Jan-2004

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