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CedarNet is the Cedar Valley's non-profit community network, providing community information and Internet access to community members. Businesses, governments, and other information providers provide a significant part of CedarNet's financial support. CedarNet provides organizations with a powerful means of doing business and maintaining visibility-- while at the same time supporting a valued community service.

Friends of CedarNet

Our donors and sponsors help keep CedarNet's community programs going! Please consider donating time, money, or equipment to CedarNet if you are able, so that we may further our mission of educating the Cedar Valley about the Internet and vice versa.
Call our office if you wish more information (233-5765).

  • Time: Follow this link to learn more about volunteering for CedarNet.
  • Money: You can send us your checks, drop by our office, or even click on the "Donate Now" button at the bottom right-hand corner of this page to donate using your credit card online!
  • Equipment: We also accept new and used computer equipment. If we cannot use it, we give it to someone who can.

All donations are tax deductable. CedarNet is a 501(c) non-profit, so we can provide you with a receipt for your donations of equipment or money, to claim against your taxes.

Thank you to our contributers of 2003/2004:

up to $500 $500 to $999 $1000 and over
David Crain
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
AEA 267
Use of Computer Lab Facilities
Jim O'Regan
Technical Support and Programming
Shirley Magalsky
CedarNet Member
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
John Robertson
& Mark Kittrell

TEAM Technologies
Temporary Facility Access
Cedar Valley United Way
Office Space
Alverna Wagner
CedarNet Member
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
John Deere
Server Equipment
John Deere Community Credit Union
Grant: Hardware Purchase
Carol Dahms
CedarNet Member
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
Mark Anderson
Iowa Rural Wireless
Modem and Phone Line Lease/Support
Ted Lobeck
CedarNet Member
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
Julie LeRoy
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Hardware Donation
Timothy Reilly
CedarNet Member
Monetary Gift Beyond Regular Dues
Daniel Laurie
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Hardware Donation
Bill Sharpe
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Hardware Donation
Don Rasmussen
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Hardware Donation
Stan Huhman
CedarNet Member/Volunteer
Hardware Donation
John Friel
Configuration Assistance
Gina Artrip / Jean Vargas
Private Citizens
Monetary Gift
Everest Connections
In Memory of Grace Buhlman
Monetary Gift
Kristin Olson
In the name of Lee Untiedt
Monetary Gift

These pages will lead you to information on how to join CedarNet:

Business | Non-Profit | Personal

CedarNet is looking for your organization's webpage to be hosted or linked with us.

Last updated: Monday, September 13, 2004

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