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CedarNet does not endorse any specific product listed here. Responsible Parenting should be the first choice. This information is presented here for your convenience. Other Products are quite likely available as well.

Cyber Patrol for Windows for Macintosh

Cyber Patrol gives you the tools you need to help shield your children from the darker side of the Internet. Cyber Patrol features: comprehensive time and budget management functions, multi-user capability and ChatGard¨- which prevents children from divulging personal information online ! Cyber Patrol is the #1 Internet filtering software worldwide. We highly recommend you visit Cyber Patrol's home page for more informati on

cyb150 CyberSitter Solid Oak Software offers several versions of CyberSitter. You may run it on a network or on a personal computer. They are also working on a program to help rate the internet.

Cyber Snoop
Cyber Snoop shows you which Internet sites have been visited by your children by monitoring their on-line activity. If monitoring components are disabled without a password, the computer will shut down and reinstate the missing monitoring modules. If susp ect sites are found, you can use the software to generate a link to the questionable site and visit the web site through your web browser. Full Internet Blocking is optional.

The Internet Filter The Internet Filter is a program that monitors, filters, analyzes, and logs internet access. This site has a free, limited feature version, and allows you to purchase the full version. They also encourage comparisons of various products, so they are pretty certain they have a winner.

Net Nanny
This software allows the parent to control all access to the computer, not only Internet resources, but offline computer usage as well. Check this one out!

MacAfee Parental Controls features: Identity Protection, Filters Chat, Blocks Web Sites, Easy Override, Allows Multiple Users, Internet Access Times, and Activity Logs. " McAfee® Parental Controls is a great tool for helping parents set rules for Internet usage based on their own family values." - Robin Raskin, Technology Expert & Internet Mom, September,2002


An all-volunteer Internet patrol and monitoring project started by senior members of the world famous "International Alliance of Guardian Angels", whose HQ is in New York City, whose mission is to be a Cyberspace "Neighborhood Watch".

Green Ribbon Campaign
Green Ribbon CampaignThe advent of the Internet has seen a staggering growth in the potential for the freedom of speech and expression to people throughout the world. Sadly, in some quarters, this same freedom is being abused and used irresponsibly as a smoke screen to communicate in a vulgar, profane, violent, and insulting manner.

The true right of free speech is accurately carried out when self-restraint is responsibly exercised. This Green Ribbon for Responsibility in Free Speech is displayed on web sites that agree with these principles.

Safe Surf
This organization is working to create an Internet Rating Standard which will allow web browsers to detect the content of web sites before displaying. They've got lots of great information and a bunch of cool links too!

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