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Does your non-profit need a web page?

Advantages to an organizational account on CedarNet:

  • Broader dissemination of your information throughout the Cedar Valley community and the world over the Internet.
  • Increased accessibility by means of electronic mail.
  • Membership in the CedarNet electronic community.
  • Increased efficiency in the use of volunteer and staff time.
  • Expanded information resources through links to global information.
  • Save on printing and mailing costs through the use of electronic mail and mailing lists for electronic publicatio of newsletters and other materials.

Non-Profit Package- $150 or $300

    • 25 MB or 50 MB disk space for web publishing
    • Up to five email accounts (one of which is designated for uploading )
    • Link from appropriate CedarNet neighborhoods
    • Dial-in access with a 2 hour session limit

CedarNet Non-Profit Dial-in - $100 or $125

    • Internet access and up to 5 email accounts (2 or 4 hour session limit)
    • Listing on appropriate CedarNet page

Additional Dial-in

    • If billed together - $50 each
    • If billed separately - half of quoted Non-Profit Dial-in price each

CedarNet Non-Profit Web Hosting

  • 25 MB.......$30
  • 50 MB.......$80
  • 100 MB....$100
  • 250 MB....$150
  • 500 MB....$175.00
    • Up to 5 email accounts (one of which is designated for uploading)
    • Access to make your own updates, as often as you wish
    • Links to other webpages of your choice
    • Links in appropriate CedarNet directories

Additional Storage Space

    • $30 per 25 Meg per year

Domain Name Hosting-Optional with any Webpage Package

    • $25 set-up fee
      (You must register your domain name. Ask us for needed DNS numbers before you regester if possible).
      (Try here for reasonably priced domain name registration from a reputable registrar)
    • You must include CedarNet's logo with a link back to CedarNet on each page
      (We will provide script to put it there)

Non-Profit Free Information Page

CedarNet will provide a free information page to any non-profit organization that cannot pay the fee of $50 per year. Here are a few examples of free pages on CedarNet: RSVP ::Sunrise Petting Zoo :: Crossroads Assembly of God

A free information page provides the following: A free information page does not provide the following:
  • A listing on an appropriate CedarNet menu.
  • A link from a menu to your information page.
  • A single page not to exceed 30K in total file size
  • Your logo or small image which you provide.
  • Your page displayed within the CedarNet layout
  • An organizational e-mail address
  • Links from your information page
  • Links to other web pages
  • Changes to your information page.
  • Customized layout

How to Join CedarNet:

If you would like to find out more, please call our office at 233-5765.

CedarNet is looking for your organization's webpage to be hosted or linked with us.

Last updated 7-Nov-2007

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