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CedarNet email settings: Netscape 6/7

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1. Click on Edit, then select "Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings".

2. Click on the name of your CedarNet mail account to highlight it. Now, check the values on the right for accuracy.

  • "Account name" is how the computer designates this account.
  • Whatever you put into "Your name" will show up with every email you send.
  • "Email Address" is your full email address.
  • "Reply-to address" and "Organization" may be left blank.

3. Click on "Server Settings" to highlight it, then check these values for accuracy:

  • Server Name =
  • "User Name" is just like your email address with a % in place of the @
  • Make sure your "Use secure connection" box is Unchecked

4. Click on "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" to highlight it, then verify that:

  • Server Name =
  • "Use secure connection (SSL)" is marked as Never.

5. Click "OK" to save all changes.

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Last updated 28-Jul-2003

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