Troubleshooting CedarNet email in Outlook Express

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1. Open OUTLOOK EXPRESS (if prompted to connect, you can choose to work offline, as an Internet connection is not needed to edit your settings)
2. Click on TOOLS at the very top of the window.
3. Click on ACCOUNTS near the bottom of that pulldown menu.

4. Highlight your CedarNet mail account, and Click on PROPERTIES

5. The first blank in the GENERAL tab sets the name by which you refer to this account. You can leave it as "" or change it, as long as you know what it references.

6. "Name:" can be your given name. This is what will apear to the recipients of your emails.

7. "Organization:" is usually blank unless you use this account solely for business.

8. "E-mail:" is your email address. This will set the "reply to" field for the recipients of your emails unless you enter something different in the "Reply address:" spot

9. A checkmark in the little box at the bottom means it will check this account any time you press the "Send/Receive Mail" button.

10. The first one must say "POP3", or else you will have to remove this entire account and start over.

11. "Incoming mail:" should be

12. "Outgoing mail:" should be

13. Under "Incoming Mail Server" the "Account name:" is your user id followed by

14. Re-enter your password in the appropriate spot to be certain it is not mis-typed. A check in the "Remember password" box will keep you from needing to type in your password everytime you open your mail.

15. The bottom two boxes must be UNchecked.


16. Don't mess with the SECURITY tab.

17. Under the ADVANCED tab, you can change the "Server Timeouts" slider to a Long setting in case your computer is taking too long to navigate a connection.

18. Under "Delivery" a check in the box will mean that you have to clear out your email box periodically or risk overfilling it. When that happens all of your emails will bounce back to their senders.

19. Click on OK to save all changes.

20. Click on Close to return to your Inbox.

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Last updated 28-Jul-2003