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CedarNet Settings : Windows 95/98

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When you are experiencing difficulties with your Internet connection, it is best to try dialing in from the CedarNet icon.

  • Verify the user ID is correct and all lower case (no or here)
  • Retype the password (taking care that the CAPS lock is off)
  • Phone number should be 232-4135
  • Click on the "Connect" button to see if this was the problem

Click two times on "My Computer" (icon on your desktop), then click two times on "Dial-up Networking" to open it. Right click on the CedarNet icon and select "Properties". You will see tabs across the top:


  • To turn off call waiting: *70,232-4135
  • To get an outside line (if you usually dial 9): 9,,,232-4135
  • You do not need it to dail the area code, so if you have no other dialing properties, you may uncheck this option.

Server Types

  1. The type of server you are dialing is "PPP: Windows 95/98..."
  2. There should be NO checkmarks in any of the "Advanced options"
  3. The only thing that should be checked in "Advanced net work protocols" is TCP/IP
  4. Click on the TCP/IP Settings button, you need the following options to be selected:
    • Server assigned IP address
    • Server assigned name server address
    • Use IP header compression
    • Use default gateway on remote network

Scripting - nothing to change here

Multilink - nothing to change here

Click two times on "My Computer" (icon on your desktop), then click two times on "Control Panel" to open it. Find "Network" and open it by clicking on it two times.

The list in the big white window must include:

  • Client for Microsoft Networks = client
  • Dialup adapter = adapter
  • TCP/IP = protocol

The drop-down box below should say "Windows Logon"

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Last updated 25-Jul-2003

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