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CedarNet Settings: Windows XP

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Some of these settings are more important than others, but it does work with these:

  1. Click on CedarNet Icon
  2. Verify the user ID is correct and all lower case
    (no or here)
  3. Retype the password (taking care that the CAPS lock is off)
  4. Phone number.232-4135
  5. Click on "Properties" and check the settings under each tab:

General tab

  • If you do not need any special dialing rules, make sure the "Use dialing rules" option is Unchecked.
    • To disable call waiting, "Dial:" should be *70,232-4135
    • If you normally dial 9 to get an outside line, "Dial:" should be:
    • Click on the "Configure..." button near the modem
      and adjust the settings to match this figure

Options tab

  • Adjust settings to match the figure above-right

Security tab

  • It is important that "Allow unsecured password" is selected; without that you cannot get online with CedarNet.

Networking tab

  • Verify that "Type of dial-up server I am calling" is set to a PPP server
    • Click on the "Settings" button, and verify that none of the items in the pop-up window are checked.
    • Click on OK to return to the networking tab
  • Under "This connection uses the following items:" the following items must be listed and checked:
    • TCP/IP
    • QoS Packet Scheduler
    • Client for MicroSoft Networks
      (Additional items may or may not interfere with a CedarNet connection)
  • Click on TCP/IP to highlight it and click "Properties" button below the list
    • Verify that both the IP addresses and the DNS are server assigned.
    • Click "OK" to return to the "CedarNet Properties" window.

Advanced tab

  • Windows XP comes with its own Firewall, a program designed to stop outsiders from breaking into your computer. This should not interfere with you CedarNet connection.

Click "OK" to save these settings. Depending on what changes you have made, you may be prompted to restart your computer.

Click on "Start" and select "Control Panel". Find and open "Network and Internet Connections", then click on "Internet Options" to open the "Internet Properties" window.

Click on the "Connections" tab at the top.

  • In the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network Settings" section:
    • If CedarNet is your main (or only) connection, make sure it is set as the Default.
    • If there are other connections listed that are not being used, click on them to highlight, and Click on "Remove". Often times the connection settings can interfere with one another.
    • Select "Always dial my default connection" by placing a dot next to it, so that Windows will dial CedarNet when you click on your default browser or default email client. OR Select "Never dial a connection" if you prefer to manually dial CedarNet.
  • Highlight the CedarNet connection and click "Settings"
    • Verify that none of the items are checked. Both "Automatic configurations" and "Proxy servers" are likely to interfere with a CedarNet connection.
    • Click on the "Advanced " button.
      • Verify that the "Disconnect if idle for .... minutes" is either Unchecked, or set for a fairly high number. This setting will cause Windows to disconnect without asking .
      • Click OK to save any changes

Click OK to save all changes until you are back to the "Control Panel"

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Last updated 25-Jul-2003

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