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Little Red Schoolhouse

(Bennington Township School #5)


Cedar Falls
Sturgis Park
(First and Clay Streets)

Bennington Township School House #5 is representative of the more than 9,000 rural schools that once dotted the state. This schoolhouse was built in 1909, replacing an older building. It originally stood in the center of Bennington Township, four miles east of U.S. Highway 63 on the Dunkerton Road (near St. John's Church). It was thus known as "Center School," and was used as the polling place for the township.

The school features old desks, blackboards, books, a pot-bellied stove and other furnishings typical of the turn of the century.

The building was purchased in 1966 for $1,000 and donated to the Black Hawk County Conservation Board. It was moved to Black Hawk Park in 1968 and given a new foundation and roof. Several local groups have undertaken Restoration work, most notably the Cedar Falls teachers, who made the school house their Bicentennial project in 1976.

The building was relocated to Sturgis Park in 1988 by the Cedar Falls Historical Society and is part of the museum complex. The building is open to the public from May to October.

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