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Newell Cemetery


North side of Winslow Road
between Finchford and Janesville

When James Newell settled here in 1846, he set aside a cemetery just north of his original cabin. This one-acre plot was first used in June of 1847 for the burial of Mariett Newell, the 27-year-old wife of James Newell, who settled there in 1846. James and his brother, Sem, and many Newell family members are buried on the wooded hillside north of the original Newell homestead. Newell's monument has the following inscription: "Do as you would be done by; live an honest life; believe in the one and true God and go down to your grave without the fears of an orthodox hell."

Also buried in the Newell Cemetery is a Winnebago Indian named Thunder Woman. She is believed to have been the wife of a chief who was sympathetic to early white settlers. Her tribe respected Newell, and when she died her body was taken to him for burial in his family plot, probably in the winter of 1847. In 1968, the Red Cedar River Society, Children of the American Revolution, erected a plaque at the cemetery in honor of Thunder Woman, "buried in Newell family cemetery at the request of her people and with permission of James Newell, friend of the Indians."
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