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**Please recognize that the CedarNet support group volunteers are neither trained nor paid to help with virus removal. We are only attempting to help identify where it is originating so that you may help eradicate it.**

Latest threats known to affect CedarNet members:
W32.Blaster.Worm - Welchia/Nachi.Worm- W32.Sobig.F@mm

Virus attacks can be very different from one another (as with Blaster and Sobig), in their symptoms and in their method of infection. Since many of you have called the office with questions, I will try to make a simple explaination of each, and link you to more comprehensive articles. The tables on the right are real-time lists of current and recent virus threats, courtesy of Sophos AntiVirus.


discovered - Monday, August 11, 2003
This virus effects ONLY Windows 2000, NT and XP systems by exploiting a security flaw in Windows. If you have one of these operating systems, you need to get the security patch from Microsoft's website even if you are not infected. (If your computer does live updates, it is probably already protected.) Basically, the patch will block the hole where it enters. Once that is in place you are protected from future infections by this worm and many of its strain.

It is not an email-borne virus, it sneaks in through your Internet connection undetected. It will likely create problems with your Internet connectivity, generating error messages, locking up your email or browser software, even locking up your entire system. If you think you are infected, first you need to run that patch from Microsoft. Then you need to run a fix-it utility from an Anti-Virus company like MacAfee or Symantec (makers of Norton). Usually the company that makes your Anti-Virus software will have the file you need posted on their websites.

If you cannot get online to download these files, CedarNet has them. Call the office (233-5765), and we will put them on floppy disks for you. If you bring two blank floppies with you, to exchange for the two we give you, there is no charge.


discovered - Monday, August 18, 2003
This one uses the same vulnerability to infiltrate your system that the Blaster worm does. Happily this means that if you have installed the patch above, you are already protected. Welchia also exploits another flaw in WindowsXP and Windows 2000 which can be patched through Microsoft.

Interestingly enough, Welchia tries to remove the Blaster worm. It still can cause trouble to networks and slow down connections, thus it needs to be removed.


discovered - Monday, August 18, 2003
This one gets in as an email attachment. It may not do anything harmful to your system, but experts suspect that is was written for a SPAM company to open a portal into your machine which they can exploit for advertising. Experts report that this worm is spreading at record spead, clogging up email servers and slowing down networks.

Emails containing this virus are around 90-100k in size. The virus itself is an attachment with various filenames and endings. The email has a "spoofed" (faked) email address in the From line, giving false information about who sent you the email. CedarNet computers are not directly infected. The Subject line will vary. Please delete immediately, any emails with the following subject lines!!!

  • Re: Details
  • Re: Approved
  • Re: Re: My details
  • Re: Thank you!
  • Re: That movie
  • Re: Wicked screensaver
  • Re: Your application
  • Thank you!
  • Your details

As always: Please be careful about opening email attachments that you are not expecting, and make certain your Anti-Virus software is current, up-to-date, and scanning regularly! If you suspect your machine is infected, and your AntiVirus software did not handle it automatically, visit their website to download a fix-it tool.

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Last updated 27-Aug-2003

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