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What is spyware? How do I detect and remove it from my computer?

Spyware & Adware are files that are installed on your computer and employs a user's Internet connection in the background (the so-called "backchannel") without their knowledge or explicit permission.They allow companies to monitor your Internet browsing patterns and even allow companies to inundate you with those annoying "pop up" ads!

Did you know that by simply clicking on a random "pop up" ad, your computer may have been infected with Spyware? OR that downloading music or software may come with invisible Adware?

More Information:

Software to detect and remove:
(* denotes free versions available)

  • - good info and removal instructions
  • Adware Info - excellent definitions and info
  • ZDnet - article about spyware
  • Spychecker - this site has good information as well as a searchable database of known spyware
  • - has good info about adware
  • Opt Out - more information about spyware

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Last updated 09-Sep-2003

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