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CedarNet is the Cedar Valley's non-profit community network, providing community information and Internet access to community members. Businesses, governments, and other information providers provide a significant part of CedarNet's financial support. CedarNet provides organizations with a powerful means of doing business and maintaining visibility— while at the same time supporting a valued community service.

Various levels of sponsorship are available to for-profits and non-profits. Each level includes a designated amount of disk space for storage of graphics and text your viewers will see, plus one or more accounts which may be used for e-mail and web access.

Dial-in access has a session limit time based on the sponsorship level. Following disconnection, either voluntarily, or by exceeding session limit, the sponsor may dial in again for another session.

**CedarNet is not responsible for design or development of your web images.

These pages will lead you to information on how to join CedarNet.


Advantages to an organizational account on CedarNet:

    • Enhanced communications with the CedarValley community and the Internet world
    • Increased accessibility by means of electronic mail
    • Membership in the CedarNet electronic community
    • Cost savings through the use of electronic mail and mailing lists
    • Cost savings through electronic publication of newsletters and other materials, save on printing and mailing cost
    • Time savings as a result of the speed and efficiency of electronic dissemination.
    • Increased efficiency in the use of volunteer and staff time
    • Broader dissemination of your information throughout the CedarValley community and the world over the Internet.
    • Expanded information resources through links to global information.

If you would like to find out more, please call our office at 233-5765.

CedarNet is looking for your organization's webpage to be hosted or linked with us.

Last updated 08-Aug-2005

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