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In 1845, two covered wagons stopped on the east bank of the Cedar River at a place known as Prairie Rapids Crossing. In these two wagons were the founders of present day Waterloo, George and Mary Hanna along with their family. In the summer of 1846, the Virdens and the Mullans arrived, becoming the Hanna's first neighbors. In 1851, the town was awarded a post office and a permanent title, but the name needed to be changed. Charles Mullan, who managed to secure seven signatures on a petition to get the post office, thought that the name Prairie Rapids Crossing was too cumbersome for mailing addresses. As a result, the name of the settlement was changed to Waterloo.

The majority of the founding fathers homes, businesses, and places of worship are located in "Downtown" Waterloo. Print this page to carry with you while you stroll along the streets Waterloo.

  1. Grace United Methodist Church
    East Fifth and Walnut Streets
  2. YMCA Building
    154 West Fourth Street
  3. Prairie Home Seminary
    Park Avenue and Wellington Street
  4. Grout Museum
    503 South Street
  5. Rensselaar Russell House
    520 West Third Street
  6. Carl and Peggy Bluedorn Imaginarium
    West Third and Washington
  7. Washington Park
    Washington Street and Park Avenue
  8. William Snowden House
    306 Washington Street
  9. Mill Sites
    Fourth Street Bridge, East and West Sides
  10. Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Depot
    Fourth and Bluff Street
  11. Black Hawk County Memorial Hall
    104 West Fifth Street
  12. Prairie Rapids Crossing
    Park Avenue Bridge
  1. Public Library Murals
    Park Avenue and Commercial Street
  2. Deere and Company Component Works
    400 Westfield Avenue
  3. Chautauqua Park (Exchange Park)
    Conger Street and Leonard Avenue
  4. Lincoln Park
    Mulberry Avenue and Park Avenue
  5. First Courthouse Building (site)
    10th and Water Street
  6. Illinois Central Railroad Shops
    1006 East Fourth Street
  7. Sullivan Memorial Park
    Fourth and Adams Street
  8. Firehouse #2
    716 Commercial
  9. C.W. Mullan Home
    516 West 1st Street
  10. YWCA
    Corner of Park Avenue and Lafayette
  11. Chicago Great Western Freighthouse
    East Sixth and Sycamore
  12. Massjid Alnoor Islamic Community Center
    728 West 2nd
  1. St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Center
    613 West Fourth
  2. East Side Library
    Corner of Mulberry and Fifth
  3. WCF&N Terminal
    323 East 4th
  4. Black's Building
    Sycamore and Fourth
  5. Waterloo Cooperative Dairy
    1302 Commercial Street
  6. Paramount Theatre (site)
    90 East 4th Street
  7. Rath Packing Company
    Sycamore and Elm
  8. Lou Henry Hoover Memorial
    Currently housed at the Grout Museums
  9. Grave of David Lawrence
    Fairview Cemetery
  10. T. E. Churchill House
    502 South Street
  11. Harden Nowlin House
    614 Washington Street

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